Text fragment language

The root element of this document is tagged as German. The heading above and this paragraph are tagged as English. The list of links in the end is not language-tagged and, therefore, should count as German. Note that in search collations in English (root) “ae” is primary-different from “a” and “ä”, which in turn are primary-equal with each other, in German “a” is primary-different from “ae” and “ä”, and in Finnish “a”, “ae”, and “ä” are all primary-different from each other. Here is a Finnish sentence language-tagged as Finnish within the English paragraph: Haen Han Solon. Hän on salakuljettaja. (For the curious, this translates to: I’ll go get Han Solo. He is a smuggler.)

Let’s try that again this time the substring “Han Solo”, excluding the “n” language-tagged as English: Haen Han Solon. Hän on salakuljettaja.

And again without tagging “Han Solo” as English but in Normalization Form D instead of Normalization Form C: Haen Han Solon. Hän on salakuljettaja. Followed by a paragraph language-tagged as Finnish:

Haen Han Solon. Hän on salakuljettaja.

Let’ try what I have been lead to believe means “warm marrow” in Turkish tagged as Turkish: ılık ilik And as a paragraph:

ılık ilik

Finally, so fragment links to this page (untagged and, therefore, should be considered German):